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What is a "betting system"? Complete analysis of the strategy

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22 Sep 2022, 10 GMT+10

The system is several accumulator bets with insurance: if one outcome does not pass, we will get a win, only a smaller one. There are different systems, and in some you can lose not one, but two outcomes at once, and still return some part of the money.

But when the odds are low, and not all outcomes have passed, bookmakers usually return even less money than we bet. However, if there is at least one loss in a regular accumulator, the bookmaker will simply take the bet and return nothing at all, so the system at least reduces expenses.

The system is written with two numbers: "5 out of 7", "3 out of 4" or, say, "2 out of 3". This means that in order to win, at least two of the three outcomes must play. Another two means that each accumulator contains two outcomes, and a triple means that there are three such accumulators. The bookmaker equally divides the amount of the bet by how many accumulators, and the winnings are added.

For example, we choose the victory of Monaco (1.46), Boston (1.53) and Golden State (1.75). We bet three hundred rubles on the 2 out of 3 system: since there are three accumulators, the bookmaker or divides the bet into three parts, one hundred rubles for each accumulator:

1.46 1.53 = 2.23 - the victory of "Monaco" and "Boston";

win: 2.23100=223 rubles.

1.46 1.75 = 2.55 - Monaco and Golden State win;

winnings: 2.55100=255 rubles.

1.53 1.75 = 2.67 - victory for Boston and Golden State;

winnings: 2.67100=267 rubles.

If only two teams win, one accumulator will work. But in our system, the odds are low, so they will return us even less money than we bet. For this reason, it is better to select bets from 2, otherwise we will go into the plus only if all outcomes are successful.

To calculate the net income, we sum up the winnings of each accumulator, and then subtract the amount of the bet for the entire system - three hundred rubles: (223+255+267)300=445.

You can use any system calculator on the Internet and see how much we earn if some outcome does not work. If the results of such simple systems are still convenient to calculate manually, then with systems for fifty, one hundred or two hundred outcomes, it is better to entrust the calculations to technology.

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